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Q:How to pick the wireless doorbells?

A:With any wireless doorbell system, there are a variety of options to consider with regards to picking the correct system for your needs. The most important are: the range of the unit, the distance between the system's individual elements, and what type of obstacles are between the sending units and receiving units.
When considering which wireless doorbell system is the most appropriate for your location, you will want to begin with considering the distance between the chimes and push buttons, and select a system that has a greater range than you actually need.
At this point, it is wise to take into account what obstacles are between the individual units. Objects like dense trees, walls, buildings, and hills will cut down the range of these products. This is very important, because most homes or businesses have at least one wall between the units. Here is a good estimate: an average exterior wall can reduce the range by 30%. A stucco, concrete or brick wall may decrease the range by as much as 50-70%. A metal wall may even block a wireless signal completely.

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