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Forrinx Announces Release of IP44 Waterproof Doorbell Transmitter

Forrinx has released a new IP44 wireless doorbell transmitter in July. With the super waterproof function by adding on a waterproof circle,this slender and simple appearance design transmitter can match with any existing indoor receivers. At the same time,the signature card design at the bottom of the transmitter is convenient for visitors to identify householders.

IP protection level is composed of two Numbers, the first number said dustproof, prevent the intrusion of external things level. The second number according to degree of moisture proof,waterproof into airtight. The greater the number, said the higher degree of protection.

As we mentioned IP44,the first label number “4” signifies to prevent intrusion of solid objects greater than 1.0mm,diameter or thickness greater than 1.0mm tools, wires or similar small intrusion of foreign objects come into contact with the internal parts of the transmitter. The second number “4” signifies to prevent the splash of the water intrusion and splashing of the direction of the water into the transmitter from damage.

Forrinx IP44 waterproof wireless doorbell transmitter-Make your doorbell still ringing in the rainy days!

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